Five for Friday: Favorite Links

For this Five for Friday, we’re sharing our top 5 favorite links of the week, from a few select Imaginarians: Kady Hale, Frances Yllana, Rick Baker, Jon Abbott and Tammy Hooker. You definitely get a glimpse into each contributors psyche with this diverse – yet totally practical – list. We see new bookmarks in your future.

1. The Wayback Machine – I love this one because you can look up just about any website and see what it looked like back in the day. (ex. Google in 1998 and Microsoft in 1996)

2. Guess which one of us is a Mom of a High school Junior? My favorite is NerdWallet. No Spam, no ads, straightforward facts and links to college scholarships. Just like I like it.

3. Calorie King – I have this site saved to my home screen. It helps me on the fly when trying to be calorie conscious.

4. Grocery IQ app & site – Kiss your paper grocery list goodbye. My husband and I use this site/app religiously. It’s THE way to manage your grocery list.

5. Ever had to write a blog but can’t think of a single thing? Now you can break through that block with Just let us know when you post an article about “a baboon doing an impression of a dwarf.”

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