Finding the sweet spot on Facebook

We’re all addicted individually to Facebook (at least until the coming Facebook vs. Google+ smackdown), but that also brings fierce competition for users’ time and attention. With our clients, finding the sweet spot for their unique products and services is the challenge, while also strategically positioning them for an authentic long-term brand engagement with their audiences.

Case in point: The Facebook-focused campaign we built and launched for a leading manufacturer of eye care products. With our client, we drew upon:

  • A strong, differentiating product benefit
  • An engaging time-limited promotion to launch on Facebook
  • Users’ natural interest and interaction with their friends on Facebook
  • Those cool mapping features of Google Maps
  • Branded, value-added content focused on users’ long-term lifestyle needs
    When we land on that intoxicating mix of logic, strategy, creativity and energy with our clients, well … quite frankly, it rocks. The folks at Facebook Studio agree.
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