Facebook Celebrates Milestone By Making Some Movies

On February 4th, Facebook celebrated its tenth anniversary by gifting users with bite-sized, personalized videos featuring their own milestones on the site.

Cue the stream of videos filled with feet pictures, sunsets, moody status updates and wedding images, all set to a melodramatic tune reminiscent of iPhone commercials.

It may sound kind of corny, but I liked that rather than just toot its own horn, Facebook included its users in celebrating a remarkable first decade. Some people would disagree, saying the mini films felt like too heavy-handed or like a bit of a privacy invasion.

Some of the movies showed why social media is such a huge part of our lives. So much so that 200 million users watched their movies, and almost half of them shared it on their news feed. I watched a few of my friends’ “A Look Back” movies, and then waited until the furor died down to post my own.

I was a little disappointed with mine, mainly because of the randomness of the photos Facebook selected. Heck, I wasn’t even in much of My Movie. However, I discovered Facebook allows users to edit the photos in their movie, which is pretty cool.

So what do you think of your look back? Was it an accurate snapshot of your time spent on Facebook? And will you still be on Facebook when its twentieth anniversary rolls around?

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