Employee Appreciation Day and Making Hard Work Seem Easy

Today is Employee Appreciation Day – a special day to celebrate all of the hard working individuals in your office. This is especially true when your employees are as passionate and dedicated as ours are at Calise Partners. Their commitment to our core values never seizes to amaze us. With that said, we’d like to use today to recognize one employee in particular who especially embodies our eight core values. His name is Blake White and he’s an art director for our creative department. Blake has been making some of the most original and seriously beautiful graphics for Calise Partners for the past four years. Get to know Blake and you’ll see he exemplifies our core values.

Core Value #1: Operate as One.
Work together. Teamwork is the most essential ingredient to success. Support each other.

At Calise Partners, we support each other and work as a team. We know that listening really puts the ‘work’ in teamwork, which also happens to be an art that Blake has perfected. He listens because he genuinely wants to understand his teammates’ perspectives so he can give his two cents, which is naturally creative, truthful and receptive. Speaking of putting the ‘work’ in teamwork, did we mention Blake often arrives to work an hour or two early? He knows people constantly need him throughout the day, and wants to make sure he can finish all of his work and have time to help anyone who needs it.

Core Value #2: Communicate.
Take people with you. Understand how others process information, and get the message through in a way that works best for them.

Usually when we think of communication, we think of being direct. But we also think of patience. Blake is always calm, cool and collected. In meetings, he sits, soaking up everything until everyone’s spoken, and then he gives his thoughts. Needless to say, his patience is amazing.

Core Value #3: Set Expectations.
Let people know what is required of them, when tasks are complete and what is next.

Typically, when beginning a project you learn your team’s expectations. Blake isn’t afraid to raise the red flag if he feels a situation is getting out of hand. We truly don’t know how he does it, but when he raises the flag, he does it so gently that you feel as though you’ve come to the same conclusion as well.

Core Value #4: Create Value.
We operate in a results economy. Focus on the bigger picture and desired outcome, not just the time and effort required.

As an ad agency, our products literally create value for our clients, and Blake is a pro at creating that value. For example, say you have a great idea. Blake will bring your idea to life, but make it 100 times more detailed, visually appealing and just flat out better than how you’d visualized it in your head.

Core Value #5: Be Innovative.
You have the power to invent and create. Innovation moves us from good to great.

For Blake, innovation is applying his unique style to everything he touches. He effortlessly applies it to artwork for clients. It makes everything look high quality, and it separates him from the average art director.

Core Value #6: Take Initiative.
Our people come with batteries included. Step out and take risks. Be the one to move things forward.

Our teammates come with batteries included – they’re ready to make you believe in your advertising. Once during a tight deadline, several members of our team pulled an all-nighter to create content for a presentation. Blake knew he’d be needed as soon as they finished, so he stayed in the office with them, so he could put together the presentation as soon as the content was finished. Talk about commitment, people!

Core Value #7: Be Open.
Explore new ideas and initiatives. Change is not just inevitable – it is necessary.

The Calise Partners Culture Club is one of the reasons working here is so great. A group of our employees is dedicated to ensuring everyone’s work lives are great. As a member of this club, Blake is always working to improve office life for all of his co-workers. 

Core Value #8: Fail Fast.
It’s not going to always go right the first time. Learn, adjust and try again while the opportunity is still fresh.

We all know it’s not going to always go right on the first try. Blake has learned to fail fast and rebound faster. He’s quick to adapt a concept so it achieves the client’s main objective while maintaining the heart he puts into his work.

To all of the ‘Blakes’ in the world, today is a day to feel appreciated. To everyone else, keep up the good work. Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

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