Do You Have Klout?

Do you have Klout™? If you do, you’re already ahead of most of us.

I created my personal Twitter account about three years ago, just as it was going main stream. It took me a while to understand its potential and even longer to actively participate in the Twitter-verse. Once I dove in (and noticed the world diving in with me), I fully realized the power of 140 characters. Now, my challenge is building a following that I can engage with and in turn will engage with me. For me, that’s where Klout comes in to play.

Early last week, Klout introduced a beta version of their new site and with it a slew of features designed to give us a bigger picture of our influence over the social web. As I’ve played around with their new interface, there are a couple things I’ve noticed that I really like – and I think it should help me as I try to gain more traction on Twitter.

  • Score Analysis:
    Klout’s interface shows how my score has performed over the past 30 days. If my score has increased, I know that I should keep using Twitter as I have been. If my scores have decreased, I know I’ll need to mix it up and try something new.
  • Klout Style grid:
    The Klout Style grid classifies me on how I use Twitter. It even adds some of my community to show me how my Twitter use compares with theirs. As I plan my Twitter engagement, I can use these classifications to guide my Twitter strategy moving forward.

My current Klout score is 29 (of 100) and I am classified as an Explorer of the social web. According to Klout, I actively engage in social media and I am exploring the ecosystem trying to find ways to make it work for me. Since my Klout score is relatively low (but growing!), I’ll go ahead and interpret it as: Keep doing more with Twitter!

For now, though, I’m just glad to have a service like Klout as a benchmark that can validate some of my social efforts.

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