Digital can still revolutionize an industry

Sometimes we get so focused on our digital advertising and marketing deliverables, it’s easy to miss the innovative ways more traditional lines of business are leveraging the digital medium to change their industries. A recent case in point: Redfin, a Seattle firm that runs a nationwide real estate search and brokerage website.

Redfin has created a new social sharing venue that is changing the way people look for and find new homes. The company’s new product, being tested in beta, is called Redfin Collections.  It enables users to create and share groups of photos from homes that are currently on the market. Similar to Pinterest, Collections users can save photos that appeal to them, and share them easily with friends and family.

The cool part: You can click on any shared photo and get the full listing. It’s a simple concept with amazing power.

  • For buyers, you can share your likes with family and friends so they can help you find your dream home.
  • For sellers, your listing has the potential to go global, increasing the potential buyers without you having to lift a finger.
  • For Realtors and real estate agents, the more lookers, the faster the property should sell.

It’s a nice win-win all around. The ultimate goal is to help connect the right buyer with the right home, all the while giving the proper credit and control to the agent who is selling the home.

Creating an online network not only increases and encourages content creation around each home, but also provides security for the present and future homeowners. Once a home is sold, the collection for a given home is taken down to ensure the privacy of the next owner.

Sure it’s not exactly the wild wild west of digital ideas, but Redfin Collections takes the addictive social activity of photo sharing – and our online love of shopping – and leverages them in a new way to change a very old business.

Check out the TechCrunch story and video featuring Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman reviewing the company’s growth and future plans.

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