Death to memes: Facebook makes one change, steamrolls social media marketers

Big changes are coming to Facebook. Earlier this month, the social media juggernaut announced a new algorithm that favors “high quality content” and paid advertisements and prevents brand pages from clogging peoples’ news feeds with unpaid posts. Marketers will need to “boost” their ads more than ever with two things: money and quality content.

What are the implications of this algorithm? Say goodbye to internet memes and viral videos and say hello to this thing called “news.” While your target demographic is becoming more politically informed, you need to be developing a foolproof strategy for how to get around the algorithm and back into your Facebook fans’ feeds.

We at Imaginuity recommend a custom content strategy on your blog or website. You should already be doing this, but if not, really put some focus on quality content that is relevant to your audience and establishes you as a thought leader in your field.

Quality content personalizes you to your target and helps them relate to you. It builds trust and has a long-term effect; they may not buy something right away, but if they appreciate your content, they’ll be coming back to you and looking up to you as an expert in your field. That will hopefully lead to a future purchase.

Benefits of the change? Well, there aren’t many, but it will ensure that the folks you end up breaking through to are more likely to make a purchase. By honing your content, you’re not wasting time by knocking down the doors of “fans” that actually have no use for your product. Your website also acts as an excellent, navigable back log for your posts and information, where Facebook is not as well organized.

What do you think of the change?

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