Data is the new Don Draper

Boy, that Don Draper is sexy.

He is the face of what was a very sexy business right through the ‘70’s. The business was sexy because agencies were a breeding ground for big ideas that made a big difference in a client’s business. Unfortunately, the 80’s and 90’s brought commoditization to the Agency business. This was due in part to the fact that agencies did not evolve their method for understanding the client’s customer beyond that of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce of Mad Men fame. While we stepped down from martinis to beer and wine, and fraternization among employees has been strongly discouraged in recent decades, customer research methodologies and insights into customer behavior is retrospective if it is even researched. Most of the time, these insights are simply based on the intuition of the agency’s top brass.

Fast forward to 2015, and Advertising Science™ has made the Agency business sexy againData warehouse technology has made our ability to aggregate customer data from various sources and append demographic, brand affinity, and customer intent data to garner new insights into a client’s customer base, ultimately mining for new customers more effectively. Now, customer behavior data is at the helm of an agency meeting, brought to life in easy to understand visualization tools. Never have millions of rows of data been so sexy to watch.

It gets even better. No longer does it take six months to test for success. Once campaigns are developed based on these real time insights, this platform measures the interrelationships between each media channel (both online and offline) and its overall impact on the cost per lead and conversion to a customer. And by aggregating spending information into our AdScience® platform, we enable clients to visualize the results of every dollar spent for every campaign.

So, as much as we might long for the days of martinis at lunch, the Mad Men approach to advertising is old school. And today, without Advertising Science, Don Draper is just eye candy.

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