The Best UX Tools

Whatever the job, the Imaginuity team is always trying to find the best tools for the task. We search obsessively for the tools that best solve a particular problem, or that make solving a problem easier.

Finding tools for user experience (UX) design is no exception.

When it comes to UX design, the best tools enable designers to better research their users, create usable designs, test design systems, collaborate with their team, or iterate a particular design solution in order to reach the best possible outcome.

Our team at Imaginuity has done the hard work exploring a range of UX tools to uncover some of the best. Most of these tools have trial periods, making it painless to take them through the paces before you commit.

We hope you find your own favorites as we take you through what we believe to be some of the best UX tools today:


One of the most comprehensive web-based UX design suites available. UXPin is the only platform where it is possible to create, collaborate, and test designs, all in one place. UXPin is especially great for maintaining a consistent design process, through its project management features.


The best website builder out there. Design, build, and host a responsive static or CMS-driven dynamic website without writing any code. What Joseph DeSimone’s 3-D printer did for product designers and engineers, Webflow does for a single designer, by enabling them to realize their purest vision of a website from start to finish.



Create surveys that look awesome, are user-friendly, and function well. All typeforms are designed to be responsive, so they always work great regardless of what device is used. Since it is possible to complete the entire survey using only one’s keyboard, typeforms are also very accessible.



One of the simplest remote user testing platforms available. Enables user testing to be fast, affordable, and easy for anyone to do. Test your own users, or source test takers through UsabilityHub for a small fee. You can also get free test takers, by participating in other designers’ tests on UsabilityHub.



Easily one of the best ways to recruit users for testing. Good for in-person and remote user testing. Effortlessly acquire users through your website, via social media, or through other channels.


When it comes to the quest for sourcing best tools around, we like to share. If you’d like to share some of your favorite UX tools, let us know via our Facebook or Twitter.

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