Best Productivity Enhancing Mobile Apps for the Busy Professional

From staying organized to managing our personal content streams and daily email barrage, to networking and client relationship management, to capturing the next big idea or signing that all-important contract while traveling, mobile technology is providing tools to make our daily work lives more efficient, productive, and manageable. Here’s a roundup of must-have apps that put everything you need right at your fingertips to stay on-task while on-the-go.

Organizational Acumen
Productivity starts with good organization. Things is an intuitive, ready-use task manager with a “tagable” to-do list creator and organizer. Things remembers … well … the things you need to accomplish in order work more efficiently.
Asana is a collaborative team organization and communication app that gets your entire team on the same virtual page with everything from email and calendars, to conversations, to team tasks and projects, while allowing everyone to seem the information that matters most.

Personal Content Management
Flipboard makes scouring the internet for important trends and competitive intelligence easy, and allows you to manage, collect, curate and share the most relevant information with your team.
Sifting through your email inbox can be a paralyzing endeavor, but with Mailbox you can effortlessly swipe messages into the appropriate folders or view their entire content. Mailbox is also intuitive. With continuing use, it learns your email habits and automates common tasks.

The Connected Networker
Once you have established contact, staying in touch is critical. Contactually automatically reminds you about important contacts, the next action item associated with them and integrates with email, calendars and social feeds.

Mobile Mindshare
More than ever, ideation is becoming an on-the-go process, which can make it difficult to capture and develop your best thoughts and ideas.
With Mindnode, you can map your mind, or at least the ideas that spring forth from it. From one main thought, you can intuitively brainstorm, visualize and develop that next big idea.
Whether you are tasked with writing a highly technical whitepaper or a developing a knock-their-socks-off creative presentation, Evernote is a great tool. From idea inception, to collecting notes, web articles and more, you can do it all in one place—from anywhere.

On the Road … Again
Tripit puts all your travel arrangements—flights, hotels, rental and other reservations— right in the palm of your hand and provides you with weather updates, maps and directions while you are on the road.
Once you return home—or during those boring nights in your hotel room—Expensify makes it easy to scan receipts, attach supporting documents and file your expense reports in record time, and without your boss having to ask for them.

Sign on the Virtual Line
With all that time spent traveling, it can be hard to find the time to read and sign important documents and contracts. Both SignEasy and CudaSign (formerly SignNow)let you review and electronically sign critical business documents from anywhere.
Both apps are secure, easy-to-use and expedite paperwork, so you can close more deals and get on with the business at hand or at your fingertips, which is fast becoming the way of our professional mobile world.

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