Behind the (fashion) scenes, online

Fashion Week is coming up, and I can’t wait. I live for the national campaign ads from luxury designers such as Burberry, Gucci and Calvin Klein featured in the pages of Vogue, WWD and W magazine. Fashionistas like myself appreciate the chic and intricate details put into the model’s pose, smoky eyes and slightly messy hair. But the most important aspect is the showcasing of the product itself, and more and more that is being delivered online.

When choosing the centerpiece for a marketing campaign, design houses spend months determining what one piece sums up the story and influence behind an entire collection. I can’t imagine it’s an easy process, nor do I always think the final selection makes sense to audiences.

Sure, the Tod’s bag that Anne Hathaway is sprawled out on top of a car with is gorgeous, but quilted bags can’t be the only style in the collection, can it? The same questions cross the mind of every fashionista when a traditional ad campaign comes out:

  • Is what I’m seeing a good representation of what’s trending this season?
  • What are the influences behind this collection?
  • What else is in the collection that I can look forward to?

Luckily for us, gone are the days of simple print ads that leave these questions up in the air. Like any brand available today, fashion brands have had to evolve with current trends in technology in order to be attractive and accessible to customers.

Designers in tune with technology now provide answers these questions using online videos. B-rolls are becoming the industry standards on websites and most savvy designers now have their own YouTube channels to post campaign videos, commercials and upcoming events.

Video channels can even the playing field for smaller independent designers to compete with the huge international brands. Designers can:

  • Introduce upcoming collections
  • Provide behind-the-scenes footage
  • Explain the creation of national ad campaigns
  • Share influence stories with personal interviews

While we have appreciated the time and work put into beautifully arranged print shots for years, videos provide the story behind the pieces in a collection and so much more.

I recently read in a rundown of the top 10 luxury branded holiday videos of this year that videos are now one of the most effective mediums used to market products and introduce (or reinstate) a luxury brand’s voice.

The same thing goes whether you’re an automaker, a jeweler or a services provider. To fully explain your products and services, take advantage of web videos or a YouTube channel can offer.

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