Back to the Future: Work Like It’s 1985 #bttf2015

Remember what it was like working in advertising 30 years ago? We do. Stats. Typesetting. Contact sheets. Polaroids. Rubylith. Actual cutting and pasting. Fed Ex every night. A lot has changed since then. We think the best development in the last 30 years is our very own AdScience® data management platform. Everyday it makes us feel kinda like we’ve gone Back to the Future.

About the AdScience Platform:

The AdScience Platform collects and aggregates structured data and unstructured data for the most complete, robust customer profile. When overlaying this with demographic, brand affinity and customer intent data, it garners valuable insights into a client’s customer database, ultimately making it more efficient and effective at identifying new customers.

The Platform also has the capability to measure each individual marketing campaign or media channel and determine its exact impact in generating a customer lead.

“With AdScience, clients can see the performance of their marketing dollars in real time and adjust for even greater efficiencies,” said Calise. “Enabling a client to see the results of every dollar spent by campaign is a powerful ROI tool.”

Calise Partners is focused on driving new customer growth for midsize and Fortune 1000 companies. The United States Patent and Trademark Office has approved the registration of the marks AD SCIENCE® and ADVERTISING SCIENCE™ for Calise Partners, giving Calise exclusive ownership of the marks and the exclusive right to use the marks throughout the United States.


Calise Partners is the Integrated Marketing Agency that has Advertising Down to a Science™. Our powerful AdScience Data Management Platform takes the mystery out of advertising by profiling current customer data to more profitably mine new customers for our clients. Headquartered in Dallas, with offices in Denver, Calise Partners provides integrated marketing, creative, advertising, paid and social media, public relations and database marketing services.

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