Are You a Google Ninja?

The worldwide web is at your fingertips. That is, if you know the right tricks. Google gives you the opportunity to learn its search engine inside and out, lending you the ability to hone in on the answers you are looking for. How? By providing you with the trivia game at A Google a Day.

The idea is simple: They ask you a question and you search for the answer. Be warned, the road to success can be mind-bending and ultimately test your searching skills. Stumped? The tool can provide you with hints to push you down the right path.

You can’t cheat, either (not that I tried). Google created Deja Google, a copy of its search engine that existed prior to this trivia game. What this means: You can’t search threads discussing the answers or accidentally view any spoilers.

A recent question:
This ancient city named for a kind of sharp-nosed fish is best known for its trash heaps. What kind of paper in the trash is so valuable?

Give it a shot. You may actually learn something.

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