A Summer to Discover

At Imaginuity, we’re obsessed with discovering new things. After all, we are the Digital Agency for the Next. At the moment, we’re really digging summer, and all the new discoveries we’re stumbling on, like festivals, food trucks and fun new campaigns. Here are some of our favorite discoveries thus far:

Southside Lamar Building Dallas/Fort Worth was named the number 3 travel destination in the “Top 50 US Destinations 2014,” by The Resonance Report. New developments of hotels, restaurants, cultural venues and tourist attractions are attracting more visitors than ever. Imaginuity offices in one of these cultural venues – the South Side on Lamar building, which is a registered National Historic Landmark. Originally the building was the Sears Merchandise Center, but throughout the years it went from shipping orders to housing and employing many. The building has been described as “soulful, unique and truly urban” with its dynamic mix of tenants including photographers, poets, lawyers, designers, sculptors, doctors, painters, musicians and more. We discovered the greatness of this Dallas landmark years ago, and are thrilled others are starting to do the same.

Imaginuity has been keeping up with Coke’s “Share a Coke” campaign. To no one’s surprise, they’ve innovatively captured their audience once again with the simple concept of personalization. Coke seems to be embracing discovery as well, encouraging coke drinkers to discover more about each other while rediscovering their love for the drink.

July is officially “Anti-Boredom Month.” We plan on carrying that all the way through the summer. Looking for something to do? Follow our Imaginuity #Summer2Discover suggestions and finish the summer strong. Start by taking a tour of Stuck in Customs, our photography client whose visual site experience feels like a mini-vacation. Next, suit up and take a chance on Spikeball, a brand new sport played on beaches everywhere. Our own Jenna Coleman is the top ranked female player in the world. Way to go Jenna! Finally, put your feet up and experience the terror of “Sharknado 2: The Second One.” It’s the perfect trifecta to cure your mundane days.

We also challenge you to step out your front door and discover something new, whether it be a new restaurant or an interesting read. You never know, you might discover something about yourself as well.

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