A Digital Agency For The Next

Next week. Next month. Next year. Who knows when innovation will rise up and take the digital world by storm. But regardless if it’s hardware, software, or a service, it will most likely create new opportunities in marketing. And just as likely, once a new digital marketing channel is born, another becomes obsolete, sometimes in a matter of days.

In the digital world, the word “obsolete” can also refer to digital agencies. It’s not undulating sales cycles or competition that kills these agencies; it’s their inability to understand the business we’re in. Many define themselves as a “web” company or a “mobile app” company. What happens when people stop using the web and opt for content to be aggregated and sent to their devices? What does that web company become? Extinct. It’s all about adapting.

I define the business we’re in as “using the digital space to communicate and market brands to targeted audiences.” It’s not delivery method specific. And it’s not platform specific. It’s broad by design.

Ten years ago building websites was the world we lived in. Five years ago, add social media to the mix. Three years ago, the emergence of apps. Two years ago, responsive design. Last year, parallax. This year, flat design. This month, smart watches. What’s next? (I’m still holding out for WiFi pancake syrup.) Being aware of the “Next” is only the tip of the iceberg. Harnessing the Next is the other 90% of that chunk of ice.

In marketing, capitalizing on the Next requires a collective of diverse individuals with very different skill sets that can adapt their skills overnight. And they have to work simultaneously while adaptation is happening. On real projects. With real deadlines. Real scary.

With the right people, there is no reason to fear. Unfortunately, these individuals are few and far between. Fortunately for Imaginuity, we’ve got an entire office of them. And that can be very fortunate for you as well.

We have a mix of young, raw talent who have been raised in the digital space. They are managed by tenured strategists, designers, information architects, technologists and project managers who have survived and thrived in digital agencies for the last twenty years. The only reason I’m able to sit here at my desk and type “adapt or die” is because I’ve been in the digital trenches for 20 years. That’s two decades I’ve had to hone my ability to retool on the fly. You can’t learn this experience from a book, and you can’t build this type of agency from scratch. Lots of traditional agencies have tried. Lots of them have failed.

Unlike in traditional advertising and design, the word “yesterday” is a dirty word in our world. This includes devices, social channels, and design trends. You need a team that understands this. And for adaptation to fully succeed, you need skill sets that cover the digital spectrum. Pairing creatives with developers won’t cut it anymore. You need a full gamut of brains that has your brand covered in this digital universe. Digital Strategists, User Experience Architects, Social Media Content Creators, SEO Managers, Mobile Developers, Report Analysts and Project Managers that understand how to oversee complex engagements which have a multitude of deliverables in multiple mediums.

So when it came time to draw a line in the sand, to take a stance and build a positioning statement that defines us as Imaginuity, we simply looked back to see what got us to where we are today. And that is being custom-built, from the ground up, for whatever a digital tomorrow throws at us. We started as a digital agency, and we’ve thrived as a digital agency. More specifically, A Digital Agency For The Next.

You can just call us your Next agency.

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