3 tips for omni-channel marketing success

What is the omni-channel? Is it TV or radio? Signage? POS? Experiential marketing? Is it a website? Mobile? Maybe a blog? An email promotion or a digital newsletter? Is it inbound marketing? Lead generation? SMS programs? Snapchat? Facebook or Twitter? Instagram and Pinterest? How about YouTube? Content marketing? What about user generated content?

The answer is “yes” and much more. It seems like almost weekly a new digital communication platform is introduced. The omni-channel is an ever evolving stream of channels, platforms and software.

“The omni-channel is about creating a strategic unified brand experience that delivers the right message to the right audience at the right time and place in the most effective manner,” says Imaginuity CEO, Corbett Guest.

So, how do we effectively harness the potential power of this ubiquitous communication medium?

Well, it starts by following the 3 I’s.

Innovate. Try new things. Get out on the leading edge of technology; build a business case for new platforms based on audience personas and client needs. Whatever you do, don’t sit around. In the digital world, new gets old… fast. You have to stay sharp, focused and educated about the latest platforms and how they fit into every client’s digital ecosystem, if they do at all. Just because it’s shiny and new doesn’t mean it will have a positive impact on a client’s business. Don’t innovate just for innovation’s sake.

Iterate. The implementation process involving new and multiple messaging and communication platforms–in most cases–requires trial and error. Program delivery require tweaking. Don’t be afraid to test, measure, adjust and test again and again and… You get the point. Keep honing your versions, your messages, your audience personas, and your calls to action in order to achieve measurable program success across all channels and platforms.

Integrate. Whatever channels you choose, they have to be efficient and effective, and it is imperative that they work together. Does your web strategy support your mobile strategy? Does your social strategy support your web strategy? Do your mobile, social and web all tie together? And, does it provide a seamless, integrated user experience? Mobile, web and social must work in concert.

In addition to embracing and practicing the 3 I’s, today’s digital marketer’s rallying cry should always be, “No Fear!”

Face it, sometimes we all fail and that can be both terrifying and paralyzing. But, it’s in the process of becoming comfortable with failure that success is born. Don’t be afraid to strike out once in awhile. You have to swing the bat–again and again–if you want to get a hit and eventually send that omni-channel marketing ball sailing right out of the park.

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