AdScience® Revolutionizes Media Metrics

AdScience® is the only tool that turns customer data into measurable, actionable insight. Using AdScience®, marketers and media professionals can make the most of every campaign dollar—and create more meaningful customer interactions across all media. It’s not magic. It’s the science of advertising. And it works.

Gather Intelligence: Collect and store data from every touchpoint across all media—including direct mail, out-of-home, and broadcast. Unify customer profiles from multiple sources. Then, use that information to see what’s most likely to convert.

See What’s Working: Access the AdScience® platform, and see your campaign data served up in a variety of simple, meaningful, actionable ways. Then, leverage AdScience® to maximize your customer data and optimize your entire managed media spend.

Win and Repeat: By connecting campaign data with customer data, you can activate custom audiences across conventional and digital channels—and build campaigns that drive conversions and revenue.

Clearly Unbiased: Defining a “conversion” used to be tricky. Facebook, Google Ads, Bing, and others all want credit for the same interactions—leaving you with an incomplete picture of your cost per acquisition. AdScience® brings those multi-touch conversions into focus—so you get a clear, scientific view of what’s really working.

Visibly Better:We developed AdScience® with one goal in mind: to give you total visibility into your entire media spend—so you can transform the way you acquire and convert customers across any media, every time.

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